Flowers In Fog - 1 [ 花非花+雾非雾,Flowers In Fog ]

Nursery ”flower heart four flower” snowflakes, spray, sparks and fireworks were different family adoption. Sixteen years later, in France the snow was renamed An Qi (Ruby Lin ornaments), and Jiyuan (Zhu Zhenmo) fell in love, but soon came the news of the death of snow. The name Ye Fan (Li Sheng ornaments) sparks do not believe the legendary angel of death, she made a special trip to France, the embodiment of the ”black angel” to the angel of vengeance. Spray (renamed Bai Haihua Qian Wan ornaments), she grew up as a nurse, because when the patient Geng Keyi (Roy ornaments), in their only son Geng Ruochen (Yao Yuanhao ornaments) and inextricably bogged down in emotion. Four sister Bai Menghua (Yang Zishi), fireworks renamed sunshine falls after growing up, while enjoying two male colleagues to pursue, make a lot of funny embarrassed. .

Genre : Plot, love,

Region : Mainland China, Taiwan

Director : Li Ping, Ding Yangguo

Cast : Li Sheng, Zhang Rui, Zhu Zhenmo, Ruby Lin, Roy, Wan Qian, Yao Yuanhao, Yang Zi, Zhao Wei

Release : Two thousand and thirteen

Language : Mandarin

Titles : Flowers In Fog, 花非花+雾非雾,Flowers In Fog,花非花雾非雾

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