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”American Crime Story” (American Crime Story) is a directed by Ryan Murphy, Scott Alexander and Larry Kara Wally Sharansky served as screenwriter and creative, small Cooper Gooding, Sarah Paul Sen, David Hume and other stars of the TV series. Ryan Murphy to stimulate the sensory impact, unequivocal star casting, between the mainstream and the edge themes freely walk and precise grasp of the visual style of the attention and undisguised pursuit of business based on American TV session, as in recent years, the topic of ”American horror story” as he gains a number of awards. This time, Ryan Murphy and Scott Alexander and Larry Kara Wally Chomsky turning to the history of real events, the story is still a way to quarterly, to the audience about the United States and the world sensational crime story . The series tells the story of the series in the first quarter of Americans are very familiar with, ”Simpson murder case.” - In 1994, the former football player OJ Simpson murder case became America’s most sensational event. The case was the trial of twists and turns, the prosecution alleged Simpson killed his ex-wife with a knife and restaurant staff, but the two first-degree murder for several major mistakes lead to failure of the police evidence, and ultimately from the Simpson criminal court acquittal only it is judged civil court for the death of two bears some civil liability. The case has become the largest in US history, the case of the Conflict. To interpret the play ”Simpson murder case” in detail through the whole process of the trial lawyer’s perspective, the reproduction of the public and without the knowledge of ”confusion Insider” as well as the prosecution and defense in the battle of wits and outside the courtroom. Drama mixing the ”prosecution’s secret”, ”defense cunning,” ”LAPD and the complex history of the black community” and other sensitive elements.

Genre : Drama,

Region : United States

Director : Ryan Murphy, Anthony Hemingway

Cast : Small Cooper Gooding, Sarah Paulson

Release : 2016

: English

Titles : American Crime Story,American Crime Story

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