Forever Young 2 - 1 [ Tuổi Thanh Xuân 2 ]

Part 2, ”youth” beautiful love story to tell, but not in the event, in the spirit of the journey and handsome happy spines. Part 1 open ending made many people feel so down already in the second part of the first episode, when the family spirit and handsome overcome obstacles have been resolved ...... work together. However, a great event in the life of the spirit and handsome family undoubtedly go in different directions. Fate, after four years of isolation, the Majestic returned to Vietnam from the United States, met with the spirit, but this time his side had fiancee - a beautiful design talent.

Genre : TV series,

Region : Vietnam

Director : Kaiying

Cast : Avon, oh Conte

Release : 2016

: Vietnamese language

Titles : Forever Young 2,Tuổi Thanh Xuân 2 ,Tuổi Thanh Xuân 2

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