Boss & Me - 1 [ 杉杉来吃,杉杉的美味爱情,Boss & Me ]

In the wind Teng company white-collar Beauty Xue Shanshan (Zhao Liying ornaments) was suddenly called out the employee of the company, the original company boss Teng (Zhang Han ornaments) sister letter month (Zhang Yang Guoer ornaments) need a blood transfusion, and her rare blood type must have only Shanshan, Shanshan and only in accordance with the boss and orders to give blood. Probably from this moment, she found, graduated from the three university of their own can flow into this admirable, is not what she has great talent, but not just hit the shit, but is the rare blood type light. Time after blood donation, and to engage in Shanshan usually, arrogant letter teng. Xu is the reincarnation of fate, always full of positive energy snack Shanshan, had become the object of love letter Teng bully torture, interesting story also kicked off in the process......

Genre : Plot, love,

Region : Chinese Mainland

Director : Junjie Liu

Cast : Zhang Han, Zhao Liying, Shi Anni, Wang Ting, G, Li Fangding, Li Chengyuan, Huang Ming, Zhang Yang Guoer, dragon 11, Huang Shichao

Release : Unknown

Language : Mandarin

Titles : Boss & Me, 杉杉来吃,杉杉的美味爱情,Boss & Me,杉杉来了

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