Blue Exorcist - 1 [ 青の祓魔師 ]

Okumura phosphorus (Nobuhiko Okamoto dubbing) since childhood Father Fujimoto lion Lang (Fujiwara Keiji dubbing) adoption, a date, phosphorus found himself the son of Satan is actually secret, after the tragic death of the father determined to make phosphorus onto the motives exorcist road. Phosphorus is present in the world is divided into ”material world” and ”nothingness community,” the two spaces of human existence in the material world, in nothingness community, then lingered violent murderous devil. Harm events around spate let phosphorus gradually found some devil nothingness community, stepped sneaked into the human world. In order to protect the same justice, phosphorus decisively take up the responsibility of exorcism. His brother Okumura M (Fukuyama voice) with the help of phosphorus continue to advance toward the truth, this time phosphorus also found the culprit causing all this confusion, it may be hidden in their side.

Genre : Action , Animation , Fantasy,

Region : Japan

Director : Tensai Okamura

Cast : Nobuhiko Okamoto / Fukuyama / Hanazawa coriander / Nakai Kazuya / Koji Yusa

Release : 2011

: Japanese

Titles : Blue Exorcist,青の祓魔師,蓝色驱魔师

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