Wongchong who was born in Huangzhou has already broken up 80 times, he lost the confidence of loving someone. When he feels very sad, he wins the lucky draw for free tour to Liziang. He goes with his two frds. Apart from wongchong, there are 7 people win the lucky draw as well. However, all the lucky people should play the game in Liziang to win the final cash rewards. Wongchong plays this game under the help of his two friends in the following 7 days.

Genre : Love, comedy, Online,

Region : Chinese Mainland

Director : Einstein

Cast : Xie Jiayu, BOX, Zou Yang, Li Baixiao, King-Tan Yuen

Release : 2015

Language : Chinese

Titles : Affair

Shared by : Erotic Aesthetics Source :
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