Underfeated  [ Twin Dragons ]

The gangsters hijacked, a twin brothers born after separation. Brother Hoon (Jackie Chan) picked up by the dancer raised all traces in the bottom of society, to help a friend who, he met singer Barbara (Maggie Cheung), thus offending the underworld; brother horse friend (Jackie Chan) is a wealthy couple brought to the United States, received a good education for famous musicians in Hong Kong concert when the meeting’s daughter Tang Xin (Nina Li).

Genre : Comedy, action,

Region : Hong Kong

Director : Tsui Hark, Lam

Cast : Jackie Chan, Maggie Cheung, Nina Li, Teddy Robin, Huang Zhan, Zhang Aijia, David Chiang, Zhang Jianting, Zhang Wanting, Chen you, Chia-Liang Liu

Release : 1992-01-15

Language : Cantonese

Titles : Underfeated, Twin Dragons,雙龍會

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