Billy Lynn’s Long Half-time Walk  [ 半场无战事,比利·林恩漫长的中场休息,比利·林漫长的中场行走,中场休息 ]

Iraq war, 19-year-old soldier from Texas Technical Billy Lynn (Joe Alvin Joe Alwyn ornaments) because of some accidental shooting video and a household name. It was a very small scale but intense encounter, where the battle Lynn B squad leader (Van Vin Diesel Vin Diesel ornaments) by local militants ambushed and hijacked, and in order to rescue squad at the desperate Lynn strikes. Video made public made him a hero of the nation’s people, yet few people understand what he and his comrades experienced. In order to monitor the burial, B class got a short vacation, so they can be invited to take part in a football tournament held in Texas. Lynn’s sister is an event feels guilty, she hopes to take this opportunity to return to his brother ordinary life. And around the brokers, the fans, the big boss, the general public is war, patriotic, soldiers have a variety of assumptions understanding. Grand opening celebration on the court, Lynn and his comrades of the heart is heavy and increasingly restless ......

Genre : Drama, War,

Region : United States, Britain, mainland China

Director : Ang Lee

Cast : Joe Alvin, Garnett Hedland, Kristen Stewart, Van Dicer, Li Chun, Mackenzie Leigh, Steve Martin, Chris Tucker, Ben Pula special, Arturo Castro, Elias Castro, Bo Knapp, Ismael Cruz Cordova, Barney Harris, Bruce McKinnon

Release : 2016-11-11 (USA / China), 2016-10-15 (New York Film Festival)

Language : English

Titles : Billy Lynn’s Long Half-time Walk, 半场无战事,比利·林恩漫长的中场休息,比利·林漫长的中场行走,中场休息,Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk

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