The Shallows  [ 绝鲨岛(台), 浅滩, 滩涂, 深水之下, In The Deep ]

When Nancy (Blake Lively) is surfing on a secluded beach, she finds herself on the feeding ground of a great white shark. Though she is stranded only 200 yards from shore, survival proves to be the ultimate test of wills, requiring all of Nancy’s ingenuity, resourcefulness, and fortitude.

Genre : Adventure thriller,

Region : U.S.A

Director : Jaume Collet-Serra

Cast : Blake Lively, Oscar Janenada, Brett Karen, Sedona Leigh

Release : 2016-09-09 (mainland China), 2016-06-24 (United States)

Language : English

Titles : The Shallows, 绝鲨岛(台), 浅滩, 滩涂, 深水之下, In The Deep,The Shallows

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