Speed of Life - 1 [ Speed of Life ]

Du Zhuofeng (Huang Debin) is the Kowloon East enforcement and control group (E&C) of the inspectors, usually led by Susan (Wang Dayang ornaments, Tai Lo MA) (Ceng Shouming), Dai Jun (wash Hao British ornaments) and other subordinate, driving a motorcycle patrol on the road at any time, prosecution of speeding vehicles, to maintain traffic order.

Genre : Gangster, love, fashion, Hong Kong,

Region : Hong Kong

Director : Chen Y Q

Cast : Huang Debin, Natalie Tong, Benjamin Yuen, Cai Sibei

Release : Two thousand and sixteen

Language : Mandarin

Titles : Speed of Life,Speed of Life,当铁马遇上战车

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