Carat lover - 1 [ 克拉之恋,克拉小姐,Diamond Lover ]

I (Tang Yanshi) is a lively and cheerful girl, however, very ordinary she fell ran Xiao Liang the president of Diamond Corp (Rain). Knowing between himself and Xiao Liang regardless of appearance or status is not commensurate with the choice of the feelings I deeply buried in the bottom of my heart.

Genre : Plot, love,

Region : Chinese Mainland

Director : Chen Mingzhang

Cast : Tang Yan, Rain, Luo Jin, Di Ali Gerba, Yao Yichen, Zhang Wen, Wang Dong

Release : 2015

Language : Mandarin

Titles : Carat lover, 克拉之恋,克拉小姐,Diamond Lover,克拉恋人

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