Princess of Lanling King - 1 [ 兰陵王妃 ]

TV series ”Princess Lan Ling” adapted from the novel writer Network Yang Qian Zi creation of ”Lan Ling Princess’ 2012 preparations, 2013 shooting. Directed by Hong Kong director Yezhao Yi, Zhang Yun, Pengguan Ying, Chen Yi, Hua Jiao, Gilbert Lam, Tian Li, Shuai Liang, Chang, Chen Jianhong and other stars. The play tells the melee of Northern China, in order to obtain the secret world domination has Qingluan mirror between countries inside the palace, as well as rivers and lakes have set off a reign of terror. Qing Yuan orphan lock inevitably be dragged into this snatch among the crowd and become the focus snatch utilization.

Genre : TV series,

Region : China Mainland

Director : Yezhao Yi, Raymond

Cast : Zhang Yun, Pengguan Ying, Chen Yi, Gilbert Lam, Wang Jiexi, Chang Hua Jiao, Tian Li, Liang Shuai

Release : 2016

: Mandarin

Titles : Princess of Lanling King ,兰陵王妃,Lan Lăng Vương Phi

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