Soul Chain - 6 [ Soul Link ]

Era in the Gregorian calendar in 2045, the fall. Carrying six midshipman space station "Aries number" by the sudden radical organization Jara Lachs repression. ...... Body in space, with no escape from this dilemma Earth. However, even midshipman who are in such desperation, still did not give up hope, trying to find a method to regain Aries number. After that, they will be away from this amazing truth behind the incident getting closer .......

Genre : Animation,

Region : Japan

Director : The Chun g

Cast : Kumi Sakuma / Hideki Hagiwara / Masuda Yui ki / Ono ma ri na / Atsuko Nakajima party

Release : 2006

Language : Japanese

Titles : Soul Chain,Soul Link,魂连

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