Steel Three Kingdoms - 14 [ 钢铁三国志 ]

Time goes back eighteen hundred years ago, and we know the actual history of China different from another time and space under the fantasy of ancient China (pull). There are many heroes of the war for supremacy in the world. Times with such disputes contend, there is a called "Crimson Samurai" righteousness lonely battle with thieves. His name is Lu Xun primary statement. Zhuge Liang traveled together with the teacher of the nations in his deep sadness for this world to worry about the continent's largest and Wu forces ...... One day, Lu Xun Ming together with the involvement of the Sundance Kid Sun Ce Jiangdong Wei led the battle. For weak in terms of Wu, Wei has overwhelming force, and no one will suspect Wei will win the war. However, in order to win the war, Sun Ce was sealed using a "force." Under fierce while ominous volatility "force", Lu Xun was sealed up the memory of awakening! That is because Sun Ce source of strength is the home land from generation to generation, "Yuxi", he killed his father forced Lu Xun's "Yuxi" predatory hand. All disputes culprit "Yuxi"! And that "Yuxi" is the land and protect the family from generation to generation things! Faced with the hesitation of Lu Xun, Ming say people feel sad parting words: "Go to Wu allegiance" ...... For Lu Xun, the teacher Ming is his all in this war-torn world, has been the guardian of teacher at his side, why, but allow yourself to go over the killing of his father's enemies? ! Full of puzzled Lu Xun immediately Wu also embarked on a journey to the ......

Genre : War Animation,

Region : Japan

Director : Saga Min

Cast : Miyano Mamoru / Ito Kentaro / Hitomi Nabatame / Shinichiro Miki / Koyasu Takehito

Release : 2007

Language : Japanese

Titles : Steel Three Kingdoms,钢铁三国志,鋼鉄三国志

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