Stay With Me - 1 [ 白纸时光 ]

An accidental drowning, long brain hypoxia so that the famous designer Li Weiwei lost some memory, her memory stay at 23 years old. In memory, the designer’s boyfriend became a competitor, but a stranger became her fiance. Vivian doesn’t believe himself and former boyfriend Chen Yidu broke up, she tries to investigate the antecedents. In order to protect her fiance Huo Xiao, to recover his fiancee, do everything possible to obstruct her investigation, keep around her.

Genre : Drama, love, idol,

Region : China

Director : Deng Yancheng / Ruan Xin Xin / Chen Guohua

Cast : Joe Chen / Wang Kai / Qiao Renliang / Zhang Xuanrui / Chen Ran / Zhang Duo / Li Binghui / Zhao Zimo / Qi hang

Release : Two thousand and sixteen

: English

Titles : Stay With Me,白纸时光,Stay With Me

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