Black Blood Brothers - 1 [ Black Blood Brothers ]

"Kowloon descent" has caused a chaos, a hero "Silver" Jiro Mochizuki that successfully ended the "holy war", but lost love lover ...... However, the result is so quiet in Hong Kong after a brief ...... decade, when Jiro and his brother Kotaro again return to the "SAR", the souls were revived. When survived the Great War "Kowloon origin" and the heroes meet again in Hong Kong, human (RED BLOOD) and vampires (BLACK BLOOD), all the blood will melt together ...... red and black intersecting Health death, beyond all a vampire story begins ......

Genre : Anime Action,

Region : Japan

Director : Hiroaki Yoshikawa

Cast : Sakurai Takahiro / Minami Omi / Nagata Ryoko / Kanazawa City Miyuki / Hiroki Yasumoto

Release : 2006

: Japanese

Titles : Black Blood Brothers,Black Blood Brothers,ブラックブラッドブアザーズ

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