Black Lagoon - 1 [ Black Lagoon ]

On the way to escort a confidential company documents, the sun Heavy general staff Okajima Green Lang (Namikawa Daisuke dubbing) was called the Black Lagoon Chamber mysterious organization of attacks and kidnappings, secret documents were also taken away. In order to ensure that the secret is not leaked, sun Heavy erasing action taken - including file and Okajima green Lang himself. After they have been informed of the news company discarded, Okajima decided in his own way for their finding a way out. Okajima to the Black Lagoon Chamber of Commerce membership requirements, and by practical action to prove their abilities, then to "Locke" in the name begin a new life. Shrewd calm leader Darch (Yi Mian portion dubbing), personality was strong double sought Vera (Toyoguchi US dub), cheerful indifferent mechanic Benny (Hiroaki Hirata dubbing), these mysterious figures around, the Locke gradually I found a fellow feeling, at the same time, an adventure full of crisis and also the road in front of him began.

Genre : Comedy , Action , Animation , Mystery , Crime , Adventure,

Region : Japan

Director : Piece Yuan shall be straight

Cast : Toyoguchi US / Namikawa Daisuke / Tsutomu Isobe / Hiroaki Hirata / Mami Koyama

Release : 2006

: Japanese / English / Spanish / Russian

Titles : Black Lagoon,Black Lagoon,企业佣兵

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