The Legend of Flying Daggers - 1 [ The Legend of Flying Daggers ]

Although the ”bad Li Xiao Li heaveho” grandson of Li Xunhuan, but because the illegitimate child identity from wandering. After many years, back to where she had lived in the mother left the treasure, only to be framed stole the silver, and into the guard leader Han Jun could trap, by virtue of its clever could escape, but was the first killer ”martial arts” Luna stabbed and severely wounded, fortunately, the childhood sweetheart of cocoa the bad life, although Lee court, but was escape from death in a great catastrophe, martial arts double.

Genre : Drama, martial arts, costume,

Region : China

Director : Liang Shengquan / Liu Guohui / MA Huagan

Cast : Hawick Lau / Rong Yang / / / Kenny Kwan / Yuan Bingyan

Release : Two thousand and sixteen

: Mandarin

Titles : The Legend of Flying Daggers,The Legend of Flying Daggers

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