Polaris Hotel The Lodge - 1

"North Star Tavern" (The Lodge) is the UK launch of the Disney Channel television series in 2016. I used to live in the big city girl Skye mother had come to spend the country's youth hostels, hostels that business is not good to be sold, then the courage to take up the task, with the help of the transformation with a positive local young people and run hostel. But all is not smooth sailing, Skye will encounter affection, love secrets and disputes. The play is full of music and outdoor sports element to promote adolescent health and vitality of life.

Genre : Youth idol, dance, sports, music, English theater,

Region : UK, USA

Director : Matt Bloom, Dez McCarthy

Cast : Sophie Simnett, Luke Newton, Thomas Doherty, Bethan Wright, Jayden Revri, Jade Alleyne, Joshua Sinclair-Evans

Release : 2016

Language : English

Titles : Polaris Hotel The Lodge,The Lodge

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