Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ - 1 [ 機動戦士ガンダムΖΖ ]

0088 On June 6, a new airborne ZMF forays to Earth, after two months of activity, on August 1 started attacking the Earth. August 29, the new Jean occupation Dakar, and a lot of old military and the Titans disabled public party incorporated. After that got out of hand, October 31, the implementation of the new Jean tactical satellite falling, and finally forced the Federation November 24 agreed to give the new colonial satellites SIDE3 Jean, as Jean withdrawal from the Earth conditions. However, Harman's military strategy was unable to make all the sandwiches followers agree. Neo Zeon's young officers Geremi, alone in the revitalization of faith, driven by Jean Christmas rebel Harman, rate independent from AK Sith. In this complex situation caused by the series of major changes, fighting on behalf of the federal military organization Augustine, in order to Brad headed leadership under the command of the arduous struggle continued. Augustine became the main force in this period soldiers, is more agile boy named Ashita headed a group of children from the colonial satellites, and more agile landline, is the year to Camus as the Anaheim community center development of plan Z last works date variable type Gundam MSZ-010 up to ZZ, more agile lover Lou Lucca then take up to Z, also remaining companions were riding up MK ⅱ and other models. And Amuro, Camus, like the Czech Republic and more powerful NEW TYPE is the same, but it seems because of this, be able to escape the tragic events around: on the battlefield access to the new Jean NEW TYPE girl Lu Pu, and Pu Lu Lu Pu clone 2 (pronounced Lu Pu Mainz), and more agile resonate and disarming, and yet has followed for the protection of the Czech Republic at many and killed ...... exposed encouragement, more agile and finally dismay get out at the same time, Lu also hit and killed rebel leader Jean Geremi new record. Finally, in 0089 on January 17, to Augustine as the core of the federal army, the AK Sith launched a final attack. Fighting a raging fire, to believe their ideals, beliefs and fight endlessly, at the same time the more agile and Harman showdown, after a tough fight to Haman Karn's death ushered in the turmoil It ends. With the dawn of peace come again, more agile and exposed together embarked on a journey to the Jupiter. For them, life experiences highlighted the danger has ended, a new life is ahead beckons. However, for the majority of the universe civilians, true peace when will it come?

Genre : Comedy , Sci-Fi , Animation,

Region : Japan

Director : Yoshiyuki Tomino (Yoshiyuki Tomino)

Cast : Kazuki Yao / Suzuoki Hirotaka / Yoshiko Sakakibara / Matsui Naoko / Chieko Honda

Release : 1986

: Japanese

Titles : Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ,機動戦士ガンダムΖΖ,Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ

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