Dreams Link - 1 [ 一帘幽梦,Dreams Link ]

Wang’s two daughters out of the ordinary: sister Ophelia (Lan Qin) is a great ballet dancer, and sister Zi Ling (Jiani Zhang) is an ordinary and dreamy girl. They also fell in love with a family friend’s son Chu Chu Lian (Jianfeng Bao ornaments), but Chu Lianai is we hadntexpected Zi ling. Two sweet love lost in Ophelia’s car accident, Chu lian to marry Ophelia responsibility. The heart is the purple Ling follow his nineteen year old Fei Yunfan (Alex Fong ornaments) married abroad. Fei Yunfan used to make purple Ling to adapt to the new environment, to start a new life. When I found that love Ophelia and Chu Lian Zi Ling after the quiet life was broken.

Genre : Drama, love, idol,

Region : Mainland China, Taiwan, China

Director : Ceng Lizhen, Mai Jie

Cast : Alex Fong, Lan Qin, Jiani Zhang, Jianfeng Bao, Morni Chang, Wu Liu Weiwei,, Joanne Zeng, Ying Cao

Release : Two thousand and seven

Language : Mandarin

Titles : Dreams Link, 一帘幽梦,Dreams Link,又见一帘幽梦

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