Ao Zuma - 1 [ 奥兹玛,OZMA战纪(港),Ozuma ]

In the future, the Earth because of unusual activity in the sun’s atmosphere leaving destruction, associated ecosystems on Earth has also undergone a drastic mutation and destroyed biological DNA, also the birth rate of the population in serious decline. Faced with this situation, the government created a clone called ”IC (Ideal Children)” by these clones have excellent ability to form a government IC. At that time the Earth rather than to a large ocean surrounded replaced by a look of boundless desert occasion. And this actor Sam Conn, is known as ”sand thieves” businessman, and his purpose is in this desert looking for his brother jumbo had caused injury to the mystery of the moving object ”Ozuma” . Particular day, Sam found a 名名叫玛娅 beautiful women, consisting of troops to the IC Qu destroyers hunt, Sam saved Maya and hid him in the sand on the pirate ship. However, they gave overwhelming military power Qu destroyers surrounded ......

Genre : Animation,

Region : Japan

Director : Takahashi Ryosuke Ryôsuke Takahashi, Pool Tim Longbo

Cast : Kakihara Tetsuya Tanaka Rie, Ayumi Fujimura Ayumi Fujimura, Atsuko Tanaka, Hayami, Kuroda Chong vector

Release : N / A

: Japanese

Titles : Ao Zuma, 奥兹玛,OZMA战纪(港),Ozuma,オズマ

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