Chongshangyunxiao - 1 [ Triumph In The Skies,Chung seung wan siu ]

Tang Yichen (Wu Zhenyu) is a very strict requirements on their own, as the senior vice captain of his face to face the work of meticulous. When parents quarrel, angry mother flew from Hongkong, his mother by plane back the desire to become the largest power sum work. In Rome he met a bell (Flora Chan), the 2 day burning affection eventually because of a misunderstanding, two people apart. Again also Chen was surprised to find that a bell has become a good friend Vincent (Joe Ma) wife, two people still think each other is irresponsible love liar, but also found himself on the other side is obsessed. Zoe (Myolie Wu) is a 21 year old young girl, he suffers from congenital heart disease, because on the plane when the disease had also fully help, so to work at the airport ground service department. She also love Chen did not cause the sum paid until the sum vision problems, may never be able to fly the plane, just feel being around Zoe, two people together formally. However, when a bell and also understand that Chen is separated because of misunderstanding, affection imbalance, serious influence...

Genre : The story, love Hong Kong Fashion,

Region : Hong Kong

Director : Poon Ka Tak

Cast : Wu Zhenyu, Flora Chan, Joe Ma, Myolie Wu, Michelle Ye, Ng Cheuk Hai, Sammul Chan, Bosco Wong, Kenneth Ma, Lin Xiaofeng, Su Yuhua, Han Mali, Nancy Wu, Shi Xiu, Margaret, Guo Zhenghong, Lu Wanyin, Cai Guoqing, Sue Chen Rongjun, Luo Guanlan, magnetic, Chen Jiayi, Liu Jiang, Natalie Wong, Eileen Yeow, Rong River, Chen Xiuzhu, Shao Zhuoyao, Hong Wah, Eason Chan Luo Yingjun, Li Guolin.

Release : 2003

Language : Cantonese

Titles : Chongshangyunxiao, Triumph In The Skies,Chung seung wan siu,衝上雲霄

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