New police story  [ New Police Story ]

Chen Guorong (Jackie Chan) is that a group of police force elite, countless crimes. Joe (Daniel Wu) is the son of general police division, but with several children of senior officials (Jiang Yizhu Terence Yin, Andy On, Hayama Go) to challenge the police. They went to the bank robbery, the alarm sounded when the police arrived, put Aaron and players into a long empty warehouse design. The police into the bandits had good design procedures of the game, cruelly murdered, even Aaron girlfriend Maggie (Charlie Yeung) brother was not spared. Aaron was suspended because of guilt with kesaw broke up. All day long drunk Aaron met A Feng at the bar, A Feng (Nicholas Tse ornaments) in order to make up for their decision, posing as police officers told Aaron is the boss sent to assist the new police officers claim Aaron verdict. Aaron again met the group dealt a heavy blow to his criminal, and they fight, in Jinghua Sasa (Chariene Choi ornaments) to know the year’s events were woven into a game, but also know the reason why the information was leaked.

Genre : The plot, action, horror, crime,

Region : Mainland China, Hongkong

Director : Benny Chan

Cast : Jackie Chan, Nicholas Tse, Charlie Yeung, Chariene Choi, Daniel Wu, Andy On, Terence Yin, Wang Chieh, Yu Rongguang, Hayama Go, Jiang Yi, Wu Yunlong,, Sun Chun

Release : 2004-09-24 (mainland China)

Language : English, Mandarin Chinese, Cantonese

Titles : New police story, New Police Story,新警察故事

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