Cardinal owed piece in the second quarter - 5 [ 緋色の欠片 2期 ]

"Cardinal owed piece in the second quarter" is adapted freedom IDEA FACTORY (Otomate) in the same name Maiden 2006 sale of the adventure game to love, is mainly about body flows Jade by blood hero spring beads discipline, as Yu Ji her inherit seal ghost cut pills mission, ghost cut pill is for some reason began to wake up in the village and build profiled knife. In an interview with fate, while around the beads discipline emerged guard Yu Ji teenagers group known as the "guardian", it is so Yu Ji and guardian of their adventures officially kicked off.

Genre : Fantasy adventure blood to women,

Region : Japan

Cast : Spring beads discipline

Release : 2012-10-04

Language : Japanese

Titles : Cardinal owed piece in the second quarter,緋色の欠片 2期

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