The New Adventures of Aladdin  [ 新阿拉丁冒险,巴格达历险记,The New Adventures of Aladdin ]

A pair of losers working as department store Santas plan to rob the place after it closes. When a bunch of kids show up begging for a story, the men launch into an improvised version of the story of Aladdin.

Genre : comedy,

Region : France, Belgium

Director : Arthur Bonzaco

Cast : Kevin Adams, Jean Paul Luf, Vanessa Gide, Audrey Rami, Eric Judor, William Lebugio, Michel Brown,

Release : 2016-11 (mainland China), 2015-10-14 (France)

Language : French

Titles : The New Adventures of Aladdin, 新阿拉丁冒险,巴格达历险记,The New Adventures of Aladdin,Les Nouvelles Aventures d’Aladin

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