Rudy’s Toys - 1 [ 萝黛的后宫玩具 ]

Naoya original tower (Rina Sato dubbing) is a single father raising his daughter alone leaves tomorrow (Tamura Yukari dubbing). One day, on the way the job Naoya met a mysterious woman, the woman turned out to be magic will Naoya transferred to the inferno by a dream, especially each Varlan ruled kingdom.

Genre : N , A,

Region : Japan

Director : Fumitoshi oizaki

Cast : Kugimiya Rie Tamura Yukari Sato linezolid, Hitomi Nabatame

Release : N / A

Language : Japanese

Titles : Rudy’s Toys, 萝黛的后宫玩具,ロッテのおもちゃ!

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