Wudang Rules - 1

A group of young people from different sectors of Hongkong, each with a different reason, away from the busy city of Hongkong City, came to the Wudang Mountains, following the two very personal style of the Wudang martial arts master of men and women, lived a peaceful life, thus realized that Taoism is full of life wisdom. After several months of study, this group of young people in addition to Wudang Kung Fu and learn each other to establish broad and profound friendship, more from the Taoist spirit of life has a deeper understanding, and help them get rid of the heavy burden, the mountain before burdened one has been plagued by a variety of knot them, to be heavy confidence, courage to face the front of the road of life. At the same time, a secret hidden in the crowd was opened, so that the friendship between the people and the belief in the face of a severe test.

Genre : Fashion, inspirational, action, comedy, Kung Fu, Hong Kong,

Region : Hong Kong

Cast : Tavia Yeung / Chin Siu Ho / Yuan Qiu / Chen Zhishen

Release : Two thousand and fifteen

Titles : Wudang Rules

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