Joshiraku - 1 [ 少女落语家,女子落 ]

As a traditional art form in Japan are still far off the language heritage and broad mass base. But used grandfather uncle generation of people on stage laughing Jiang Gu, suddenly to a few lovely sister really bright spots. The film will focus on the five girls who speak rakugo, they love Tucao magic pear Wei Wu Rudin (Ayane Sakura ornaments), sweet and innocent waves floating pavilion walnut wood (Iwai small bird ornaments), it will controlling partners emotional anti-wave pavilion hand Yin (Nozomi Yamamoto ornaments), prisms careful empty Okinawa US tour Pavilion pill Beijing (Yoshino Nanjō ornaments) and character dark and elusive dark fall booth bitter to (Goto Saori ornaments ). Each time the story begins after the end of the show girls, usually from a common topic of daily cut, the girls discuss and debate, often the impression topic interesting direction. Seriousness of the artists, but also sell Meng lovely side ......

Genre : Animation,

Region : Japan

Director : Tsutomu Mizushima

Cast : Ayane Sakura, small Iwai ko と ri, Nozomi Yamamoto, Yoshino Nanjō, Goto Saori

Release : N / A

Language : Japanese

Titles : Joshiraku, 少女落语家,女子落,じょしらく

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