The Imperial Doctress - 1 [ 女医·明妃传,The Imperial Doctress ]

The wheel of history rolls over and over the lives of countless people, and has finally entered the. However, a vat with the progress of history and ethics not to civilization, but more strictly confined to the freedom of humanity. Especially women, they are not only physically bound, even the soul is also deeply depressed. The beautiful girl Tan Yunxian (Liu Shishi ornaments) generations of ancestors of medicine to serve the emperor, but the schemer framed and suffered the crowning calamity. After suffering, Tan family under the motto ”never medicine”. But yoonhyun gifted, but also love medicine, in my grandmother’s acquiescence, she was able to concentrate on medicine. During this period, she met gongzige dandyism gold, not knowing who is the emperor Yingzong Ming Zhu Qizhen (Wallace Huo). After the turnover, yoonhyun into the palace courtyard, which also embarked on a full of risk and challenge career in medicine. I looked back, have no way back, the legendary female doctors in history are doomed to write off of a......

Genre : Drama, costume,

Region : Chinese Mainland

Release : 2016

Language : Mandarin

Titles : The Imperial Doctress, 女医·明妃传,The Imperial Doctress,女医明妃传

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