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Phuttan huwaiwanjak is Darika’s good friend, he is ready to travel, would like to let her help to look after their own apartment. Darika agreed without hesitation, because this is the only time in her life can be so luxurious local life, from her college, she used her low income dwelling in her room. In addition, this apartment is also closer to her work place, a lot easier, she can save the cost of transportation to do other things. Darika likes her work very much, because the salary is very high, she is very happy, so she can make a living and not depend on the man.

Genre : mv,

Region : Thailand

Cast : Phupoom Namtarn, Ken, Pizagkna, Toey

Release : Two thousand and fourteen

: Thai

Titles : Search Search,Dao Kiang Duen,逐星之月

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