Search Search - 1 [ Dao Kaew Duen ]

Brakaidao (Janie) is the name of the photographer, stronger character, although she in love many times, but each time the love goes nowhere. Brakaidao to go to the orphanage to do good in the 32 birthday, the old man met inert Siwa lustfully gallant, the matter in the local news has become a popular cBrakaidao had moved in with her brother. Boring, and her brother’s children play together, suddenly wanted to have a child company in life. In the past 35 years she wanted a child, because she was afraid of more than 35 years of age, the birth of a child is not normal.

Genre : mv,

Region : Thailand

Director : Thai Broadcast

Cast : Aum, Janie, Yayaying

Release : Two thousand and thirteen

Language : Thai

Titles : Search Search,Dao Kaew Duen,星月情

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