White symphony - 1 [ Pure White Symphony ]

In the eyes of peers, melon Health Shingo (Mizushima Takahiro dubbing) is a helpful nice, and this year, the new Wusuo attended each service station private academy soon and famous local junction Ji private girls’ academy merged, and include Shingo including dozens of students, the girls were taken to advance future study and life habits. The face of the avalanche, wearing white uniforms pure girls, some shy Shingo experience what it romantic love?

Genre : Animation,

Region : Japan

Director : Eiji Suganuma

Cast : Mizushima Takahiro Ono Ryoko, Goto Mai, Yi-chi really small village, Noriko Rikimaru, Mayumi Yoshida

Release : N / A

: Japanese

Titles : White symphony, Pure White Symphony,ましろ色シンフォニー

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