Dead Wrong Vietnamese subtitles - 15 [ Dead Wrong ]

Wei Yi l (Roger Kwok ornaments) is Hong Kong’s top business ”Doctor”, his wife Nguyen Joe (Joey Meng ornaments) gentle Wan Shu, father of two autistic son Wei Zicong (Chan Yue ornaments), living a happy family life . One year, Yi-liter with subordinates Kangcheng Zhe (Vincent Wong ornaments), Ling Zexi (Tai Chen ornaments) and so went to Vietnam as a private enterprise restructuring, but the move triggered even local strikes. Plaza or kidnapped workers, transferred to a remote desert island confinement, isolated from. His despair face overnight infinite loneliness, had had enough, ready to end their lives after ...... 1997, Hong Kong Plaza or the court announced officially dead. Nothing a decade elapsed decade flies, one would expect to law, Plaza or even a miracle rescued, the only desire of his return to Hong Kong after, and is a good family reunion. However, the Plaza or the realization that they are legally ”dead”, the identity of all property three years ago had become empty. Plaza or even more desperate, Joe Nguyen wife after his own ”death”, even remarried friend and private detective Linhao Ren (Kenny Wong ornaments), and even the son also sees itself as a stranger! Brutal truth make Plaza or bolt from the blue , seeing all the marshes, he reluctantly moved back home with his brother Wei Yilong (Gu Ming Wah ornaments) live, consider how to rebuild this complex family relationships ......

Genre : Mystery, Romance,

Region : Hong Kong

Director : Zhi-Hua Lin

Cast : Roger Kwok, Joey Meng, Kenny Wong, Rebecca Zhu

Release : 2016

Language : Cantonese

Titles : Dead Wrong Vietnamese subtitles,Dead Wrong,Trí Mệnh Phục Hoạt

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