Elf Throne  [ Throne of Elves ]

”Human juvenile fish invited to distant mystical fairy kingdom, to participate in the wedding of the Fairy Queen take this opportunity, he finally saw the long absence of his girlfriend Liya Elf Dark Elf army burst into portable, hand over the Queen Stress control of the legendary wizard lifeblood, has supreme power of life gem. after the revolt was dark elves forcibly snatched the Queen. fairy kingdom into fear, it is involved in disputes in order to protect fish Liya, together with the elves decided to tread the adventure to rescue the Queen, but he did not think that this journey is not only fraught with danger, and he also is a great test of love between them.

Genre : Animation,

Region : China Mainland

Director : Song Yuefeng

Cast : Exposing, pottery Code, quarter Guanlin, oriole

Release : 2016-08-19 (mainland China)

Language : Mandarin, English

Titles : Elf Throne, Throne of Elves,精灵王座

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