candle in the tomb (Eng Sub) - 1 [ candle in the tomb ]

Hu eighty-one (Jin Dong ornaments) went to the countryside to the Mongolian border Gang Gang Camp, to bring home the remaining book - ”Transmission of Yin and Yang Feng Shui Mystic,” nothing else will book text by heart. After the army to Tibet, met the avalanche falling among a huge trench, Hu eighty-one use their know tombs occult spared death. After demobilization, 1981 and Hu Wang Fat Friends (Zhao Dagong ornaments) to join a team to the Xinjiang archaeological archaeological team. After a pedestrian dangers came to the Taklimakan desert absolutely fine ancient ruins, into the underground ”Ghost Cave.” Cave numerous organs, traps continue, this mysterious ghost hole seemed in control of being a prophet.

Genre : Drama, Mystery, Thriller, Adventure,

Region : China Mainland

Director : Kong Sheng

Cast : Jin East / Joe Chen / Zhao Dagong / pay pieces / Kanazawa Hao / Yang Xinming / Feng Hui / Marina Makino / Zhang Xiaoqian / Yang Yue

Release : 2016

: Mandarin

Titles : candle in the tomb (Eng Sub),candle in the tomb

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