Last shaman hunter  [ 最后的女巫猎人,巫间猎人(港),猎巫行动:大灭绝(台),Son Cadi Avcisi ]

Calder (Vin Diesel Vin Diesel Van decoration) is a witch hunter, under the curse of the black witch after he got immortal soul and immortal body. Suffering eternal life far outweigh the joy, loneliness and despair, Calder had a long time, however, he has never given up being a sorcerer hunters bounden duty, he knows witch and has not disappeared, a huge conspiracy is slowly brewing in the shadows.

Genre : Action, Fantasy, Adventure,

Region : United States

Director : · Breck Eisner

Cast : Van Dicer, Elijah Wood, Ruth Leslie, Julie Engelbrecht, Michael Caine, Olafur Dari · Raphson, Bakersfield Taylor - Klaus, Lina Owen, Joseph Gilgen, Issah de ban Kerr, Michael Halsey, Sloan Coombs, Lott Fu Beike, Dawn O’Leary Winfrey, Inbar Ravi

Release : 2016-01-15 (mainland China), 2015-10-23 (United States)

: English

Titles : Last shaman hunter, 最后的女巫猎人,巫间猎人(港),猎巫行动:大灭绝(台),Son Cadi Avcisi,The Last Witch Hunter

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