Aladdin and the Magic Lamp  [ 新阿拉丁冒险,巴格达历险记,The New Adventures of Aladdin ]

Youth Aladdin (Kevin Adams Kev Adams ornaments) get a chance in the event of a lamp, the lamp will be touching the one gods to satisfy his desire, the poor guy fell in love with Aladdin Kingdom Princess (Vanessa Kidd Vanessa Guide ornaments), but the evil magician stonewalled ......

Genre : comedy,

Region : France, Belgium

Director : Arthur Bang Zhakang

Cast : Kevin Adams, Jean - Paul Lufkin, Vanessa Kidd, Audrey Lamy, Eric Zhu Dole, William Loeb Bellagio, Michelle Brown

Release : 2016-11-18 (mainland China), 2015-10-14 (France)

Language : French

Titles : Aladdin and the Magic Lamp, 新阿拉丁冒险,巴格达历险记,The New Adventures of Aladdin,Les nouvelles aventures d’Aladin

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