Please Love the Useless Me(ENG SUB) - 1 [ 请和这个没用的我谈恋爱/拜托请爱我/ダメな私に恋してください ]

The thirty year old Shibata Miwako (Kyoko Fukada ornaments) since the collapse of the company after half a year ago, has been in a state of unemployment. She and a university in the next year of male interaction, but only to her as a teller machine, there is no serious love idea. In the life most exhausted almost to eat cat food, beauty and sub encounter before the company boss Ayumi Kurosawa (Fujioka ornaments), then as a stray cat is an upcoming opening of Blackpool back to the coffee shop. Blackpool although tall and handsome, but have a can make people scold breathe poisonous tongue. The United States and fear committed while not forgetting it, finding a job as soon as possible to get rid of the shadow of the former boss of S shake. In the meantime, she learned that the Blackpool little-known past, and the long-awaited peach blossom period has come quietly......

Genre : Love, drama, comedy, drama,

Region : Japan

Director : Kawai Yuhito, Fukuda Ryosuke, Xiang Chuan Yue

Cast : Kyoko Fukada, Fujioka, San Pu Xiang Ping, Ma fan nonami

Release : Two thousand and sixteen

Language : Japanese

Titles : Please Love the Useless Me(ENG SUB),请和这个没用的我谈恋爱/拜托请爱我/ダメな私に恋してください, Please Love the Useless Me

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