Peach Girl - 1 [ ピーチガール ]

Although Anderson Peach (Saeko Chiba dubbing) unrestrained fashion personality appearance, but at heart, she is a good girl one more ignorant feelings and metastasis. In Pursuit of the eyes, a vector-ji Temple Mori (Kiuchi Hidenobu dubbing) figure lingering, however, must have a good Pursuit of hide-ji Temple Sen's feelings, because, Pursuit friend Kashiwagi sand painting (Nasu benefits dubbing) is grab Pursuit special love lovey erratic female. Finally, Pursuit East Temple Mori feelings or exposed sand painting immediately launched her sabotage. In the sand painted interference, Pursuit and East Temple Mori feelings ended. While sad, friends Gangan nautical miles (Suzumura Kenichi dub) bring comfort and companionship Pursuit of vigor and strength, but also their relationship closer and closer. All this can not escape the eyes of the sand painting, a new act of vandalism in the offing.

Genre : Anime love,

Region : Japan

Cast : Chiba Saeko / Megumi Nasu / Kiuchi Hidenobu / Suzumura Kenichi / Junichi Suwabe

Release : 2005

: Japanese

Titles : Peach Girl,ピーチガール

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