Every Step You Take - 1

The advertising company creative director Gan Yanchong (Moses Chan) has won numerous awards, both high requirements on their own and subordinates, he loves to work, in life, in addition to work, rest or work, even the sleeping time to work, think living in a ”full world”. Magazine female photographer Song Tiancong (Myolie Wu ornaments), three years ago with their parents to pursue happiness Aurora, but because of traffic accidents, lost parents, and happiness has been taken away. Day from her injuries, her ”light” was taken away, and thought to live in the ”all black” of the world.

Genre : Fashion, inspirational, love, Hong Kong,

Region : Hong Kong

Director : Chen Y Q

Cast : Moses Chan, Myolie Wu, Evergreen Mak, Elaine Yiu, Zhang Yingkang, Cilla Tung, Zhang Zhenlang, Jian Muhua,, Ma Hailun, Zhang Meini

Release : Two thousand and fifteen

Language : Cantonese

Titles : Every Step You Take

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