Emperor of Han - 1

Put down the rebellion, the Han Emperor (Jiao Huangshi) to solve the problem of the Kingdom, to strengthen the centralization of power cut fan. Well governed the Han Emperor follows the inaction of Huang Lao, but Western Han Dynasty just stable in the face of the strong invasion of the Huns, had to bite the bullet, to maintain border security by means of marriage. The young emperor after the death of the Han Dynasty in the Wang’s scheming mother orchestrated and draw people pushed on the throne. The emperor ascended the throne on the show a different from the previous king of courage and wisdom, for Xian Chen, encourage the free airing of views, reform. To lay a solid foundation for his father Wenjingzhizhi under Emperor Wudi (Chen Baoguo ornaments) are expanding with the Western Han Dynasty, inheritance, in the setbacks and difficulties in showing the growing imperial spirit, and the queen weizifu (Lin Jingshi)’s brother Weiqing (Lu Jianmin ornaments) to ten years out of the Central Plains Crusade against the Xiongnu’s help, swept past the national humiliation. In Wudi of iron fisted rule, the Western Han Dynasty reached a hitherto unknown world.

Genre : The plot, the history, the ancient costume,

Region : Chinese Mainland

Director : Hu Mei

Cast : Chen Baoguo, Jiao Huang, Ah Lei Gua, Hong Tao, Yang Tongshu, Lin Jing, Shen Baoping, Du Chun, Song Xiaoying, Ma Shaohua, Shi Zhang, Su Xiaoming,, Li Le

Release : 2004

Language : Mandarin

Titles : Emperor of Han,汉武大帝

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