Diors Man - 2

Net is the past of the ROC appointment Nvwang Phoenix legend, he was knocked to the ground in the boxing coach to play. Dapeng see Sun Li after the initiative to photo, still wearing robes of pictures, according to her after ask for a fee in the office into the female staff, two people are out of the way, Dapeng desperation slapped her; Dapeng sat on the park bench and read the newspaper, he grabbed the kid next to eat up, also make a face to frighten him, the child son scold him big idiot. Mirs in the gym when embarrassed, old aunt in the bus seat to the side, he deliberately let the old man stand up. Peng and his girlfriend so when having a meal to sing, he picked up the guitar sing up, the midnight nightmares woke up, he was horrified to eat; Dapeng give a guest a foot massage is smoked to wear glasses and masks, too smelly, turned out to be massage is former China soccer players Yang Pu.

Genre : Internet drama, comedy, drama, ,

Region : Chinese Mainland

Director : Dongchengpeng

Cast : Dapeng, Liu Yan, the white lily, Ren, Johnny Galecki, Song Xiaobao

Release : Two thousand and fifteen

: Mandarin

Titles : Diors Man,Diors Man

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