Legend of Ace Vietnamese subtitles - 1 [ 极品家丁 ]

”Need retainers” is the Aim Hatton Group, Shanghai Drama core culture, Beijing Taiyang Sichuan Wo Culture Media Co., costume comedy Youku co-produced by the king directed, Chen He, Jin Chen, Yoon, Lee Creek Rui, Lynn Italy, Yue Zhao Tong, Zhangrui Han and other stars. Drama adapted from the popular online novel ”Need retainers”, tells the story of three forest accidentally forced to lower retainers into the identity of Shaw House mansion, the aftermath of countless adventures, help the Shaw House in shopping malls, and the bureaucratic blowing hot and cold, Qijia rule the world, to become ”the world Ding first ”story.

Genre : TV series,

Region : China Mainland

Director : Wang

Cast : Chen He, Chen Jin, Yoon, Rui Li River, Lynn Italy, Yue Zhao Tong, Zhangrui Han

Release : 2016

Language : Mandarin

Titles : Legend of Ace Vietnamese subtitles,极品家丁,Cực Phẩm Gia Đinh

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