Dr.Qin,Fa Yi Qin Ming - 1 [ 法医秦明 ]

”Forensic Qin” Sohu video and Bo set days Volume Films co-produced by forensic network suspense drama, directed by Xu Ang, if Zhang Yun, Jiaojun Yan, Li now, Cheng Haofeng and Qu Jingjing and other co-stars. Qin Mingwen drama adapted from literary works, ”the tenth one finger,” the perspective of forensic Qin unfolds, about the golden combination with forensic assistant Li Po, the vice squad captain Tao composed of police officers to join other important cases repeatedly breaking story .

Genre : Modern, Mystery, Detective,

Region : China Mainland

Director : Xu Ang

Cast : If Zhang Yun, Jiaojun Yan, Li now, Cheng Haofeng, Qu Jingjing

Release : 2016

: Mandarin

Titles : Dr.Qin,Fa Yi Qin Ming,法医秦明 ,Pháp Y Tần Minh

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