Ayakashi - 1 [ アヤカシ ]

One summer, three children ran out to see the comet in the summer night sky flying snow patches - in town for the stage the story starts here ....... The hero is Kusaka Yuu had always possessed a special power of students. Indifferent to anything, he was surrounded by people regarded as worthless person, always use their ”power” to do some silly things. Called ”night out Eito Rousseau” (Ying dream night out) in front of the fans of the girls like him appeared, the leisurely life changed completely. Aimed Yau is called ”the soul of the beast,” the reason is unknown creatures, and make the soul of the beast struck; leisurely awakening the hidden ”soul of the beast so that the” real capacity ... Now, Zhuangwei fighting kicked off ! AYAKASHI-- parasites in the human body and mind and body as a host of different food world creatures. Parasitic stage, AYAKASHI will take orders from the host, the host AYAKASHI obtained by summoning powerful force. But using the power of the mind and body while AYAKASHI eroded once the physical or mental state of a host reaches a critical point of collapse, the body will bring a host of AYAKASHI completely engulfed in hand into full body. AYAKASHI seeds (or rather egg) generally periodic comet to form Xue lowered, and parasites in the mental state unstable people (such as children) in vivo. Parasitized people high fever for several days, and then depending on personal qualities, AYAKASHI force immediately or over several years before awakening awakening. Parasitic AYAKASHI AYAKASHI people are called to make, so to see only AYAKASHI AYAKASHI.

Genre : Animation,

Region : Japan

Director : Atsushi Takada

Cast : Kishio Daisuke / Mizuki Nana / Miyu Matsuki / Sakura Nogawa / Shimizu Ai

Release : 2007

: Japanese

Titles : Ayakashi,アヤカシ,魂兽

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