The Girl in Tassel Earring - 1 [ The Girl in Tassel Earring ]

In 20s and 30s of last century, Shanghai radio, for a time, Shanghai residents of some private radio stations swarmed into the sky, find everything fresh and new, not only broadcast entertainment programs, is also responsible for the transfer of business. Ruan Qing Tian learned radio knowledge in school, because she was established to help Haoming radio, and the Haoming met. Any Haoming due to a misunderstanding, he will be angry at Nguyen Thanh Tien, Nguyen Tien Ching’s most important biography of Jiabao took the tassel earrings. Nguyen Tien Ching must back earrings. In this process, Nguyen Tien Ching by virtue of her kindness and wisdom, to win the affection and respect as Haoming. Finally, Ruan Qing Tian and Ren Haoming because of love and accept each other, the symbol of happiness Tassel Earrings, being worn on Haoming Nguyen Tien Ching ears, he hopes and happiness always accompany you this good woman. This pair of lovers.

Genre : Plot,

Region : Chinese Mainland

Director : Yan Guangxing, Zheng Jun

Cast : Wu Yingjie, Dai Yangtian, Liu Qiancheng, Xie Zhuang, Zhuang Xia, Zheng Xiaofu, Li Linlin, Miao Miao, Eddie Kwan, Shan Chien,

Release : 2015

Language : Mandarin

Titles : The Girl in Tassel Earring, The Girl in Tassel Earring,戴流苏耳环的少女

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