resurrection  [ 复活战士(台),克拉维斯,Resurrection,Clavius ]

Agnostic centurion Jesus investigation body of missing a case, when he found that the resurrection of Jesus, the faith being put to test.

Genre : Drama, action, suspense, adventure,

Region : United States

Director : Kevin Reynolds

Cast : Joseph Fiennes, Tom Felton, Peter Firth, Cliff Curtis, Stuart 斯卡德莫尔, Maria Voto, Mark Keeling, Lei Ounuo · Watling, Young · Kenai Te, Stephen Hagen, Alex Malang Ni, Stephen Grieve

Release : 2016-02-19 (USA)

: English

Titles : resurrection, 复活战士(台),克拉维斯,Resurrection,Clavius,Risen

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