Sui Tang Heroes - 1 [ 隋唐英雄1+2 ]

In 581, Emperor Wen Yang Jian (Kou Shixun ornaments) accepted Zhou Shanrang, established in Sui Dynasty, then annexed a and get ready for battle, Chen nan. The world initially, flourishing vision previews, so anyone can know Dynasty time. There is a chaotic hero, Qin Qiong (Pu Bajia), Luo Cheng (Zhang Ruishi), Cheng Yaojin (Dicky Cheung), Li Shimin (Yu Shaoqun ornaments), Yu Chengdu (Zhang Xiaochen ornaments) and other outstanding figures have been born, from folk to the court, from the wilderness to the rich and powerful, staged countless river lake legend. Suiti Yang Guangzhi from leaving the eternal infamy hand (Winston Chao ornaments), and then to create Zhenguan Li Shimin, how many hero literati to their own beliefs and ways in the history to leave your own name.

Genre : The plot, the history, the ancient costume,

Region : Chinese Mainland

Director : Lihantao

Cast : Pu Bajia, Dicky Cheung, Winston Chao, Joan Chen, Yu Shaoqun, Zhang Rui, Liu Xiaoqing, Zhang Xiaochen, Zhao Shuai, Bao Xiaobo, Sun Yaoqi,

Release : 2012

Language : Mandarin

Titles : Sui Tang Heroes, 隋唐英雄1+2,隋唐英雄

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