Mysterious Girlfriend X - 6 [ 謎の彼女X ]

The story takes place in the Metropolitan Kazami Taiwan high school, Chun Ming (Irino Miyu dubbing) is a very ordinary boy, do not know when, out of eyes turned to a new inward-looking transfer students wave Bo Meiqin (Ayako Yoshitani dubbing). Mikoto with minced with scissors all the terrible hobby is such a strange girl, Ming actually because inadvertently exposed her saliva and deeply smitten with her! In this way, strange love between Ming and Mikoto began. For Ming, everything Mikoto is a mystery, for Mikoto never take the initiative to speak, the saliva seems to be the only effective way to exchange of feelings between them. With the deepening of exchanges, gradually we found out, for love, in fact, Mikoto has unexpectedly naive and shy side, but Mikoto's character, not as withdrawn on the surface of the saw.

Genre : Animation,

Region : Japan

Director : Watanabe step

Cast : Ayako Yoshitani / Irino Miyu / Yūki Kaji / wide bridge cool / Misato Fukuen

Release : 2012

Language : Japanese

Titles : Mysterious Girlfriend X,謎の彼女X,Nazo no Kanojo X

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